Our core values are what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves :​

Practical Wisdom – Practical knowledge is power & what makes an impact​ ​

Nurturing Change – Our role & responsibility in bringing positive change in our community​​

Digital equity – Ensuring that all learners have IT capability for full participation in teaching & learning and the economy​​

Accountability – our obligation to accept responsibility for our actions​

Excellence – Striving to be the best you can be and do​

Collective Impact – Working together, sharing information and solving complex problems​

Alpvest Institute for FutureTech (AIFT), formerly known as PC Training & Business College, has undergone a strategic re-evaluation to align its vision and mission with the evolving landscape of education, technology, Entrepreneurship and employment. “Our mission is to deliver career-focused, quality education, integrating knowledge, skills, entrepreneurship, and sustainability in line with innovative learning and teaching necessitated by 4iR and emerging 5iR trends, to prepare for global employability in a rapidly evolving world.”

The vision translates into actionable steps within the existing qualifications by:

Integrating cutting-edge teaching methodologies and technologies into each Qualification:
MOU’s, partnerships with companies for work-integrated learning, strengthens the focus on employability.
Fosters a culture of creativity and innovation through mentorship and resources for students interested in starting their own ventures.
Sustainability features strongly in the academic structures
Entrance criteria offers wide access to academic enrolment and allows previously disadvantaged student’s access to education.